Hello and Welcome to my website, my name is Brian & my partner is Boo ( M6OAB ) who also enjoys a little radio now & then, she has a page of her own in the links above.

A little about what you might find on my website, Radio obviously, but you will also find Live video streaming from either our Chevy Truck or the Range Rover, Quadcopter's, the odd electronic project, camping the great outdoors, to zapping stuff together with a welder.

Station comprises of, Icom's IC706MKIIG, ID5100, Yaesu's 2700R, 1802E, Hytera MD785 & my old Super Star 360fm.

Antenna farm consists of a 50 foot heavy duty steel push up guyed mast with a X510N colinear, 40 foot & 45 foot lattice versa towers ( only one is currently in use ) with a home made heavy duty rotator cage holding a Yaesu G600 rotator turning approx 20 foot stub mast holding 4/6m 9 element yagi, 2m 15 element CuuDee yagi, 70cms 18 element no name yagi then at the bottom my Tennadyne T5 log periodic 5 element yagi for 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, & wire Dipoles for 40m etc.

The Shack as of Nov 2015

Please feel free to click any of the links below or above

Updating website as and when possible

Thank you for visiting 73 88



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