Remote 6:1 Antenna switch kit

Bought this kit off Ebay after reading the feedback and all being hunky dory.

This is the build of said switch and by the looks of it, it's very good quality so I am making an extra effort to make it look Awesome.

The Board

The Box lid it's going on

Mounting the SO239's on

First connections made

First components done

Relays done

mounted and wired to db9 socket

The finished box

Now for the control box

few holes later

switch & led's fitted

making led's glow to see how it will look

DB9 socket

Power socket

Wiring the switch, resistor fitted

Wiring led's to switch

All wired and ready to go

My BIG Knob

Home for the switch box


Will add a pic or two of it plugged up soon.